Why this Race?

Sloan and Lillian raising money for Guide Dogs for the blind

Taking Lemonade to the Next Level...

We're Sloan and Lillian, two friends who met in first grade.  This is our first lemonade stand held to benefit Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) and this race.

We have had a great year planning this event together. We invite our community to come out and enjoy a Fun Run together while supporting an organization we felt could use more support.  

GDB is supported 100% by donations and recipients do not pay for their service dogs.  We hope you'll join us.

Raise Awareness

Guide Dogs are far more than excellent aids: they provide companionship as well as confidence and independence to their human partner.

We hope by holding this event we will not only raise funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind but increase awareness for the many living with disabilities and the great help these dogs provide.

Our Retired Guide Dog


We had the privilege of owning a retired guide dog. His name was McKoy and my family adopted him at age 3. He was THE BEST. This race honors him and the organization that trains these dogs to be someone's eyes. ~ Sloan

Kids Can Do A Lot!

Another reason we wanted to hold this race was to empower children to do the jobs that adults often do.

Kids can do a lot when given the chance. We are hoping a lot of our peers join us for race-day roles.  (You can sign up to volunteer on this site) ~ Lillian & Sloan

Specially Trained

Hundreds of hours and over 200 volunteers typically are needed to train one guide dog.  They are trained for almost two years before becoming a guide.  

They are very special.

Retired Guides as Family Pets

Best Friends

McKoy listened to many stories and took part in the occasional sleepover.  Kind, calm dispositions.

McKoy listened to many stories and took part in the occasional sleepover. Kind, calm disposition.

Visiting Groups

This is a photo of McKoy visiting a classroom. He loved children and had a great second life as a "retiree."

Loving Animals

We appreciate the love dogs give back to us. This is McKoy and I hanging out. Help me thank GDB.

Lemonade for GDB

This is our first of several lemonade stands to raise money for the race.  Generous neighbors helped us quickly raise over $200 from this stand.

School Visits

Our gentle giant was invited to school for the day. Here with my big brother, McKoy seemed to love every minute.